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Deep Learning for Radiology Imaging

AltumV develops advanced AI-based decision support software. Our solution analyses medical imaging for flagging out active abnormalities, helping healthcare providers to prioritize resource utilization and improve patient flow.

XClue™ Platform

XClue is a cloud platform that enables provisional findings from image analysis algorithms to be automatically incorporated into existing picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and reporting system.

  • In real-time, the platform communicates with your PACS and reporting system through standard medical image and data interchange protocols, the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and the Health Level Seven International (HL7).

  • The provisional findings produced by AI algorithms can be used as a reference by reporting radiologists, triaging system to improve patient flow or training tool for radiology education.

  • All image and data interchange are protected by VPN or SSL encryptions. Privacy-related information if any are removed and not stored in any persistent storage form. Optionally, a software agent can be deployed on-premise to anonymise private information.


There are domain-specific challenges in the adoption of AI technologies and their incorporation with existing informatics systems in operation. We help to plan, design and customize these technologies to meet your specific business or research needs.


We support data flow through proprietary protocols and open AI application frameworks.


We design and customize AI technology deployment and model verification plan.


We offer technical expertise in machine learning algorithm design.

AltumV at SGCR WIRES 2019

AltumV presents scientific findings from a research collaboration with Ng Tong Fong General Hospital (a member of NUHS) at Singapore Congress of Radiology (SGCR) & Workshops in Interventional Radiology Education Singapore (WIRES), which was held in conjunction with 19th Congress of the ASEAN Association of Radiology from 15-17 August 2019.

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AltumV Technology, founded in 2017, is a software company developing artificial intelligence-powered solutions. AltumV provides deep machine learning-based image analytics that helps healthcare providers to manage increasing workload with automation.

Based in Singapore, AltumV's AI medical image analysis platform enables rapid development of AI algorithms and provide seamless integration into existing radiology workflow. We help radiology services to optimize workflow, reduce turnaround time and focus on diagnosing hard cases.

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